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About US

United Car Clubs originally started back in 2016 with an idea of grouping three car clubs together (Sentimental Cruisers, Out Cast Cruisers and Vintage Automobile Club). The group put on shows from 2016 till 2019 and were held at Veterans Park, Bayville NJ.

The shows gained popularity an grew each year but the volunteers didn't. It was becoming harder to run such a large show with just a few volunteers and so a decision was called and the group disbanded in 2020

Move ahead to 2023 and with more volunteers.....

United Car Clubs is making a u turn.

Some original clubs and some new clubs coming on board. 

We will be: 

A non-jacketed group of car clubs looking to enjoy and spend a day with friends, sharing stories, thoughts & ideas and displaying our cars at show events throughout South Jersey.

Future Car Shows Coming


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